Driving efficient energy grids with cashflowing baseloads.

We’re revolutionizing how energy producing assets are optimized. Our ultra-high density smart grid technology maximizes utilization, processing power, and profitability, giving our partners a sustainable competitive advantage.


Enabling domestic power producers to reach optimal utilization and cashflow.



Scalable and secure blockchain management



Relocating globally volatile blockchain assets to the United States at scale and low-cost.


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Drone Energy has created a first-of-its-kind Bitcoin as Baseload, high-density compute system.


Energy grids need to be more efficient as our world increasingly relies on electricity. Our turnkey Bitcoin baseload modules are the solution.

“Drone Energy has been incredibly helpful, highly responsive and professional in all of our interactions.  They work quickly, meeting or exceeding expectations while being professional and accommodating throughout the entire process.”

They have been an example of above-board professionalism in a sometimes murky and difficult to navigate space, and our experience with them has been nothing short of excellent.

E. Field, RExxEL VP Strategic Innovation

“Drone Energy exudes a ‘nothing is a hassle’ mentality complimented with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.  Both Drone Energy and Ralph are differentiated players in the mining space and come highly recommended by many seasoned entities who have directly/ indirectly worked together.”

Our business was introduced to Ralph through a mutual industry contact who recommended Drone’s tech and service offering as best in class.

Anonymous, Global Mining Business Project Director

“I have worked with Drone Energy since December 2017 when we entered into discussions regarding a potential project.  I recommend Drone Energy to other interested parties as individuals of high character.  A group of professionals driven toward success.”

Experienced Economic Development Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry.

Marc R. Smith, Town of Lockport Economic Development Coordinator


Offering modular scalable industrial smart grid compute solutions for asset maximization at the lowest possible cost.


Providing ultra-high density compute base loads for underutilized power generating assets nationwide.

Infrastructure Relocation

As global blockchain processing puts greater strain on international grids, we provide a turnkey US Naturalization service.

Cloud ASIC Monitoring

Hosting, securing, and managing private third-party blockchains (private and government) in a low-cost scalable format.

Technology Annuities

Leveraging the power of blockchain, smart grid tech, and power asset optimization to generate multiple concurrent cash flows.


Proliferation of blockchain technology has strained global energy grids, yet it is disrupting the way people, businesses, and institutions transact.

Drone Energy provides efficient, modular scalability and the ability to maximize cash return on our partners’ investments in infrastructure through our patent pending system for locating and operating modular high performance compute systems adjacent to underutilized power assets.

Clean energy and blockchain startup technology entrepreneur

Ralph Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

IoT and Energy Expert

AML business process controls Big Four accounting

Rob Schoellkopf

Chief Financial Officer

Secure, Control-Driven Processes

Energy, oil, and gas industry marketing and sales

Rocco Piacentino

Chief Revenue Officer

Clean and Renewable Markets

Program & construction management, inspection, environmental, architectural engineering

Chris Abramo

Chief Product Officer


Drone Energy IT Director

Michel Tan

Information Technology Director

Driven IT Executive

Peter Finn team photo

Peter Finn

Asia Pacific Relations

Overseas Representative


3 MW Loads
81 per MWh
16 Week Deliveries
90 PH/s Modules

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